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Sociology of Contemporary Societies (SCS)

"We cherish the balance between theory and methodology, so our students will get skilled in both in this program."
Lenka Dvořáčková
SCS coordinator

This program will be the right choice for you if you are interested in gaining in-depth knowledge in the present-day field of sociology and social anthropology, including both theory and research methods. The program features a strong core of sociology and social anthropological courses. You can choose one of the three specializations:

  • Civil Society and Politics provides you with a deep understanding of how contemporary complex societies work. The focus is on political sociology, anthropology of nationalism, and the nonprofit sector, as well as various aspects of public life.
  • Anthropology of Space and Mobility brings in-depth knowledge of the globalised world, its dynamics, migratory movements, social mobility, which you can then apply in the field of urban planning, migratory politics or analysis of global developments.
  • Identities, Health and Bodies develops the knowledge and practical skills required to conduct sociological and social anthropological research in the field of medical anthropology, health sociology, lifestyle studies, sociology of sport, and gender studies.

Within the specialization, you can choose either quantitative or qualitative research methodology as a focus. 

After graduation, you can find employment in the education sector, state and public administration, the nonprofit sector, corporate organisations, or academia. 

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements only.

Quick Facts

Type: Master

Duration: 2 years

Tuition fee: 6,000 EUR per year

Scholarship options: see here

Location: Prague, Czechia

Application deadline: 31 August 2023

Early-bird application deadline: 30 June 2023
(this deadline is strongly recommended for visa-seeking students)

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