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Corporate Strategy and Finance in Europe (CSF)

"We have a very diverse body of students, we are proud of all of them and want to help them to succeed and grow."
Martin Gregor
CSF director

CSF is a double-degree Master’s program provided jointly by Charles University and Sciences Po Strasbourg, a highly selective grande école at the University of Strasbourg. You will spend one academic year at each of the partner Universities and you will receive two diplomas, one from each university. The entire program is in English.

This program provides you with an understanding of corporate finance and strategy. To provide in-depth insights into the context in which corporations operate, the program thoroughly introduces core topics in international macroeconomics, financial markets, and banking. In addition to corporate finance and business strategy courses, you will be trained in advanced data analytical skills and applied econometrics and a variety of related courses in economics and finance.

Graduates of this program work in analytical, consulting, managerial and other business-related positions in companies and in the financial sector in the EU. In the past 5 years, the graduates have gained jobs for example in Berlin, Paris, Prague, Luxembourg, and Minneapolis.

Admission Requirements

The program is open to students who meet the general admission requirements and have an excellent background in mathematics and statistics.

Quick Facts

Type: Master, double degree

Duration: 2 years

Tuition fee: 7,000 EUR per year

Location: Prague, Czechia, and Strasbourg, France

Preliminary application deadline: 30 June 2024

Extended application deadline: 31 August 2024

These deadlines are strongly recommended to students who already possess the legal right to long-term stay in Czechia.

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