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Media and Area Studies (MARS)

"I wanted a Master program that would merge my interests in media and European studies. So far we have classes on both that go really in depth."
Pauline Oléon
MARS student
"We don't do just high theory, we try to use it as a tool box to better understand the social reality that we are studying."
Nico Carpentier
MARS director

MARS is for everyone who does not fit into a traditional discipline-based approach but wants to study and work in an interdisciplinary way. The  combination of media and area studies provides in-depth critical knowledge about processes of mediation and signification, and how space and geography intersect with them. 

The theoretical-methodological background of the program consists of a combination of post-colonial theory, media sociology, memory studies and political geography. This theoretical approach is then translated into a very practice based, research oriented approach. You can get involved in research projects and study a particular social phenomenon. 

The in-depth knowledge of the media and political ecology in Central Eastern Europe and the European Union will support your future employment in more senior/advisory positions in a variety of social fields and organizations, including state administrations, private sector (including media), public service institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Admission Requirements

The program is open to students who meet the general admission requirements and have an active interest in media, communication and politics.

Quick Facts

Type: Master

Duration: 2 years

Tuition fee: 3,000 EUR per year for EU and EEA students; 6,000 EUR for students from other countries

Location: Prague, Czechia

Preliminary application deadline: 30 June 2024

Extended application deadline: 31 August 2024

These deadlines are strongly recommended to students who already possess the legal right to long-term stay in Czechia.

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