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Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

"PPE gives you a lot of freedom for your future."
Elene Kobakhidze
PPE student

If you are interested in politics, philosophy and economics and wish to get a thorough grounding in these three disciplines, this Oxford-style PPE program is the right choice. You will learn to analyse complex social, political and economic problems in a multidisciplinary manner and to solve them from complementary perspectives. The study of philosophy is included in the curriculum to foster your critical, creative and ethical thinking. 

This program will also give you enough time to figure out which of the disciplines interests you the most and then you can pursue it in one of our Master programs more in depth. Alternatively, you can pursue a career in politics, banking and finance, business management, journalism, education and the many branches of the public services, including diplomacy and local government. 

Within this program, you will also have an option of obtaining a double degree from Charles University and the University of Bayreuth in Germany.

Admission Requirements

Aside from the general admission requirements, you need to have an excellent background in high-school mathematics if you plan to choose the specialization in Economics & Politics. Prior knowledge of politics and philosophy is an advantage, but it is not required.

Quick Facts

Type: Bachelor, optionally double degree

Duration: 3 years

Tuition fee: 7,000 EUR per year

Scholarship options: see here

Location: Prague, Czech Republic (optionally also Bayreuth, Germany)

Preliminary application deadline: 30 June 2024

Extended application deadline: 31 August 2024

These deadlines are strongly recommended to students who already possess the legal right to long-term stay in Czechia.

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